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About us

Shookies Cookies is a Chicago based Company specializing in hand crafted cookies baked to perfection with our signature cookie dough taste.

Sheri Handelman, the owner and baker of Shookies, has been known throughout the suburbs of Chicago as one of the best bakers. Her family has been persuading her for years to take her baking to “the next level”. In December, 2016, The Handelman Family rallied together to launch Shookies Cookies. The Shookies name is derived from a combination of Sheri and Handelman. Since neither name was easy to spell, Shookies, was created! A Shookie is now known as the ideal gourmet Cookie Dough Cookie.

Sheri learned everything she knows about baking from her mother. Growing up, Sheri assisted her Mom in her home baking business.  They would bake and deliver trays and trays of cookies, cakes and pies to bakeries as well as to all of their friends and family.  Throughout the years, Sheri has perfected her baking technique, and has dedicated most of her time to creating the perfect doughy cookie!

Say Goodbye to your small flat cookie and HELLO to your new favorite Cookie Dough Cookie!

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